2016 Xining anti corruption NEW

Reporter Xiao Fang

binding rules to strengthen discipline

strict political discipline, to ensure that government decrees. In the party discipline, political discipline is the head tube, in violation of organizational discipline, discipline, and discipline of the masses, work discipline, disciplined life, are undermining the political discipline, will be the ruling foundation of the party’s erosion we should, from the political perspective to examine and to alert.

move a strict political discipline

[] key deployment to grasp key minority ", closely around the party loyalty, performance management and administration of the party political responsibility, abide by Party discipline, strengthen the supervision of leading cadres. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should strengthen the implementation of political discipline supervision and inspection, and resolutely correct "policies, under the measures, orders and prohibitions, to ensure that the policies of the party and the party’s decision to deploy and implement.

two initiatives to adhere to strict discipline

[] key deployment severely punished out round gangs, cronyism, political and economic interests in collusion with each other, and resolutely safeguard the unity of the party; seriously deal with the use of micro-blog, WeChat and other network information dissemination platform or a false debate, the central fundamental policy counter policies and requirements of speech and other issues, and consciously safeguard central authority. In the city, county, township leadership groups work, to strictly the party leading cadres honest feedback ", strict political discipline, organization and discipline, strengthen supervision and inspection, to promote the formation of the political environment delicate gas is.

three with two regulatory initiatives

[] to implement key deployment self-discipline rules and disciplinary action regulations, practice four forms of good supervision and discipline "". The two regulations included in the Party cadres training and leading cadres of the important content of the independent regulatory knowledge test, carry out the "Five" (i.e., a special organization learning center group discussion, organize a special counseling, to carry out a warning education, held a special organizational life will carry out a the "guidelines"); make full use of the two typical commitment and, to strengthen the moral demonstration and case warning education, Party members and cadres to promote high standards of discipline, adhere to the moral bottom line 2.

"two responsibilities" can implement, the key lies in the responsibility can not be implemented. Conscientiously implement the "Interim Measures" Xining clean government accountability, fund supervision and inspection, to strengthen accountability, promote the two responsibilities.

initiatives to implement the main responsibility

[key] party deployment;

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