2015 Qinghai province tour guide qualification examination registration this month

The reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, before this month 1 days to 30 days, Qinghai province tour guide qualification examination registration.

: written examination subjects and content for the "tour of the basic" and "guide business", "tourism policies and regulations", "tourism occupation moral and service etiquette.". Examination materials for the China Tourism Publishing House in 2015 published a series of tour guide examination materials, a total of 7; interview qualification examination qualified tour guides who can obtain the interview qualification. The interview is divided into two parts: (1) the ability of guide. (2) the tour guide service ability and the strain capacity; foreign language class examinee must carry the above two kinds of ability reported languages spoken test that tests the foreign language has made Putonghua guides qualification certificate candidates plus a foreign language, only tests the field simulation examination, examination qualified relevant foreign language tour guide certificate renewal.  

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