Our province of Qinghai Province the continuation of Zhi newspaper

11 4, the main person in charge of the province’s 57 book and media writers, held in Xining to participate in the continuation of "Qinghai province · newspaper; Zhi" Compilation Committee of first meeting cum business training work. This marks the continuation of the "Qinghai province newspaper · Zhi" compilation work has been fully open.

Conference on good newspaper "Zhi" compilation of a comprehensive deployment, each bearing units should establish the overall awareness, sense of responsibility and quality consciousness, pay attention to "newspaper records" compilation from thought and action, strengthen the preparation of the newspaper "Zhi" urgency, overall arrangement, Cengcengbaguan, do the task to the people, the responsibility to the people. Firmly grasp the basic requirements of the province’s second round of revision work, adhere to the correct direction, adhere to the "quality first, adhere to a pragmatic and efficient, adhere to innovation and development, to ensure that the compilation of a has the characteristics of the times, excellent local records rich geographical characteristics and cultural characteristics and professional characteristics.


meeting read out the implementation plan of the compilation of the newspaper journal in our province, and determined the schedule. Provincial newspaper journal editor Zhang Wei, director of the Commission and the province’s 57 main responsibility for the paper media signed a letter of responsibility.


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