WeChat Taobao to knock on the door repeatedly with signal shielding breakthrough

June 18th news, Taobao and WeChat rivalry continues. After the user has been used to open any Ali link not to fight WeChat in the situation, Taobao has repeatedly tried to pry open the door to WeChat. Add the WeChat share button, WeChat opened the public number, allowing WeChat to share the code Amoy shop…… This series of measures, Taobao recently developed a "password unlock tool" type.

According to

was informed that before the Taobao WeChat breakthrough "Amoy password" began to emerge, Taobao mobile phone users can link to the commodity "Amoy password" in the form of share to WeChat friends, which can direct the Taobao mobile phone password to copy the product details page.

use this password is the basic premise of the user needs to install a mobile phone Taobao client. Users click on the Taobao A product "share" button, select "share to WeChat, will be prompted to" click Copy and open WeChat, then Amoy Taobao paste automatically generated password to the user B, user B to copy the text chain, open the Taobao mobile phone, you can directly buy goods.

(in the merchandise page, choose to share to WeChat, Taobao will automatically copy a text chain)

(click on the target friends, paste text chain)

(received Amoy password users, copy the text chain, open the phone Taobao, can be directly to the commodity page)

although this step is still complicated, but compared to the previous WeChat users can only copy Taobao link to the browser, and then open the page, has been regarded as a liberation".

in addition, Amoy password can be divided into different forms, one is the Standard Version, the user can rely on password direct product pages; the other is a personal password, sellers or brands can customize the copy and link, the user opens the H5 page, can be a store or product page.

, however, the use of Amoy password is not popular, most sellers and buyers do not know this feature on the line. However, with the function of the beta participated merchant told billion state power network, no formal use, "a bit complicated".

it is understood that, previously, Taobao link in WeChat was the whole screen has been a lot of businesses to make the situation upset. Especially in such a double eleven big promotion period, many sellers are trying to WeChat, the circle of friends but eventually down marketing users, only through various twists and turns of the way (such as coupons issued the verification code and other implementation).

Taobao and WeChat’s shield has a long history. November 2013, Taobao officially confirmed that Taobao officially closed the phone WeChat jump to the Taobao page channel. Taobao said, the reason is blocked a large number of users, most of the public platform to WeChat Taobao link is a fake Taobao shop, some users suffer property damage, or even to pay the account password stolen. As for when to open the WeChat channel, Taobao said it depends on

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