Enhancing the city grade with cultural connotation

The natural atmosphere of the atmosphere of the Tibetan Plateau is the natural background of Xining culture, and the heroic character of the plateau people is the essential feature of the "cultural Xining". Today, whether it is through the cultural origins of the lens to see Xining, or through the lens of regional culture in Xining, a population of only more than 2 million of the city, the seat of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is a clean city, high-rise buildings, cultural prosperity, resistance to heavy goods.

as the center of the capital city, the political and cultural center, Xining is the intersection of the Qinghai ethnic cultural integration hub, blending intersection of grassland farming culture and culture, the folk culture xiangshengxiangchang, rich and varied, colorful, the most attractive is the cultural characteristics of plateau culture garden. Harmonious, inclusive cultural elements of its broad diversity, cultural atmosphere, the world shows a deep foundation of the culture of Xining, showing colorful puppetry fragrance, exudes charming fragrance!

once, on behalf of our ancestors created "Kayue culture" Pottery Civilization to Xining’s past decorated colorful, colorful;

now, the Qinghai Grand Theatre, the square of the people staged a big stage of cultural feast staged again and again with the public’s spiritual and cultural enjoyment.

also, the spirit of the spirit of life to enjoy the public full of vigor and vitality, quality and constantly improve the city’s modern civilization into a steady stream of power. Take the road of "cultural city", the culture has given Xining city and city people too much nourishment.

thanks to a deep understanding of the "cultural strong city" strategy, "culture city" road, continue to highlight the "cultural Xining" charm, make the people satisfied with life in the city, the city of happiness in the process of Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government pay more attention to the construction of the unique charm of the culture of Xining, to continuously enhance the cohesion and attraction of the city. Proposed to build a regional cultural center of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, depending on the promotion of cultural tourism depth integration of strategic choice for the future development of Xining, tourism and cultural integration is an important part of the further improvement of people’s livelihood.

if the traditional history and culture represents Xining’s memory, then the modern culture are dancing with the vitality of Xining, casting Xining most lasting and irreplaceable competitiveness, is the cultural soft power of the city’s most solid. (author: Hui Peng)


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