Our province successfully issued the first batch of government bonds 19 billion 850 million yuan

recently, the Ministry of Finance in Beijing province through the issuance of treasury bonds bidding system for 13 general government bond underwriting syndicate members, successfully issued the first batch of government bonds in general 19 billion 850 million yuan in 2016.

issued by the province’s general bonds, the replacement of general bonds 7 billion 150 million yuan, the new general bonds of $12 billion 700 million. From the issue of the term interest rate, 3 year period of $3 billion 600 million, $5 for the period of 5 billion 200 million years, $5 billion 200 million and $10 in the period of 5 billion 850 million yuan, the successful rate was 2.46%, 2.66%, 3% and 3.04%. All the general bond funds the issue into the public budget management, which is generally used to repay the bonds replacement audit to determine the government bears the responsibility to repay the debt, the new general bond funds for protecting and improving people’s livelihood and support economic restructuring, give priority to the protection of major public projects spending, and subsequent financing of projects under construction.

reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of Finance in accordance with the relevant provisions of the organization to carry out government bond credit rating and the disclosure of relevant information, our province government bond credit was named the highest AAA level.


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