Datong county leaders condolences Xun rang Xiang suppression point

since the autumn, the weather is changeable, especially the recent strong convective weather frequently, caused some impact on agricultural production, rural roots staff to hail a serious and responsible work attitude, always pay attention to weather changes, accurate judgment, decisive disposal, effectively prevent the bad weather disasters caused by agricultural production threats, well done the Hail Mitigation task, which allows a party to benefit the masses.

9 7 in the morning, deputy magistrate Ma Wenyi line to hail the staff condolences Xun rang xiang. Vice mayor Ma Wenyi on behalf of the county Party committee and government to all the staff always adhere to the position of hail hail, thanks to the township agricultural escort, he hopes to continue to stick to their posts, to contribute to agricultural harvest.

suppression staff said, the county government will live up to expectations, each class will stand a good post, strong backing for agricultural production, to make their own contribution to the economic construction.


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