February 4th start to the end of the Spring Festival in full swing in the province to start in March

from February 4th to the end of March 15th a total of 40 days, the province will be fully launched in the spring festival.

according to the actual situation of our province is lagging behind the peak passenger flow, the province road transportation until the end of April 5th, the Spring Festival period of extension Road, the road passenger transport organization and safe production work will be in strict accordance with the requirements of orderly transportation. During the Spring Festival, 24 hours on duty and leadership with a class system, published complaints telephone consultation to the society, to protect the spring information and unimpeded, handling public complaints timely consultation.

Qinghai Tibet railway company started early, carefully organized, do everything possible to increase the transport capacity, to do a good job in transport organization. At the same time, the opening of 12306 hotline, providing passenger complaints, troubleshooting, and travel information, searching for relics of artificial facilities such as content, search, and found, to provide relics and goods safekeeping service for passengers.

is similar to previous years, Qinghai Airport Inc during the Spring Festival this year, passengers travel destinations are still mainly concentrated in Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and other places. In addition, in civil aviation, lithium batteries, charging treasure need to carry, more than 2000wh of lithium batteries need to declare, and there are a number of restrictions. Passengers can call the airport service telephone consultation.

recently, Qinghai Province Economic and Information Technology Commission issued notification requirements, all localities and departments should integrate the region, the Department of the spring characteristics and possible emergencies, targeted to develop and improve the spring emergency plan; to do all kinds of emergency vehicles, emergency food, emergency medicine, emergency fuel and other supplies to work; frozen sections, accident prone sections in the snow, prepared an ample supply of emergency supplies, and wrecker shovel ice snow removal equipment, organize emergency team, ensure timely call, quickly restore traffic conditions.

in addition, the notice also on various parts of the organization to carry out the spring safety inspection, improve service quality, positive innovation, crack down on the ticket outside the station showmanship, Shuaike, "back off, cheating, reselling tickets and other illegal acts request.


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