Municipal Health Bureau to actively organize the city’s supervision and inspection of plague prevent

in order to effectively improve the city’s ability to control the plague, the full implementation of the prevention and control measures. The day before, led by the deputy director of the Municipal Health Bureau, health administration, disease control, supervision agency personnel formed the joint inspection unit checks to adopt the way of Datong, Huangzhong and Huangyuan respectively to the county administrative departments of health, disease control agencies and township hospitals and village clinics in the leadership of the organization, anti epidemic network operation 24 hours on duty, and the epidemic of migrant workers, the dynamic management of epidemic emergency preparations, rat anti propaganda and education and medical personnel training and other aspects of comprehensive supervision and inspection.
in the supervision and inspection process, the work of specific requirements for the prevention of leading City Health Bureau of the three counties in a call in prevention work as the primary task of health work, from politics, the overall situation, pay attention to people’s livelihood and the construction of harmonious height to catch the rat prevention work; two is to continue to strengthen leadership at all levels the rat prevention consciousness, to prevent the emergence of weariness; three is the establishment of rat anti work accountability and punishment mechanism; four is to put the rat anti propaganda training through to the end, until the end of the year, innovate the training propaganda, strengthen the focus groups, key areas, key periods of missionary work; five is to strengthen with the plague in the health sector to communicate, grasp the animal epidemic situation, achieve information sharing. At the same time, the problems found in the inspection of the steering group on the scene put forward rectification opinions.

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