A total investment of 200 million yuan to Xining West District school building act tough and talk so

West District Xining city to promote the construction of schools "act tough and talk soft" for three years, a total investment of 200 million yuan to implement primary school school safety engineering, and strengthening the construction of campus culture, with remarkable results.

reporter recently learned from the Xining city district government, since 2010, the west area has completed the Chinese village primary school, primary school 2 schools Liu village relocation, Victory Road Primary School, primary school, the Yellow River Road Primary School Hutai 3 schools teaching building redevelopment, the West first kindergarten and minors school mental health counseling station building Jia Xiaozhuang, 54 primary school, primary school, primary school and other 6 Xing Hai Lu school security reinforcement project, the construction of 54 primary school gymnasium, Xingzhi Primary School 2 schools, 54 primary school, Kunlun Road Primary School 4 school room update, start zhangjiewan relocation, Xichuan Road Kindergarten primary school building, the construction of digital campus and educational integration project that new building area of 8937 square meters.

based on the characteristics of culture, culture, office corridor wall culture, classroom culture, function room culture, to create a healthy and civilized, harmonious and elegant and uplifting education environment, laid a solid cultural foundation for school connotation development and brand building. The characteristics of the overall development of the school into the school planning, etiquette education, education, education, science and technology has highlighted the effectiveness of. Actively implement the "sports, art 2+1 project", to carry out sports characteristics and activities, such as aerobics, martial arts has become the city of the West Campus Sports brand. The flute, harmonica, Clarinet and other musical instruments into the classroom, and gradually formed a "good momentum of development of a school, a school brand with a".


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