2016 ten high profile cake shop

the new year has passed, born in the food and beverage market, how do you gain this year, or you are still ready to start a business catering investors are choosing projects. If it is really so Xiaobian recommend you open a bakery bar! The improvement of the standard of living makes the demand of the consumers more and more big. According to relevant data, in 2018 the market size of China will reach 170 billion yuan, while the domestic market now is becoming increasingly fierce competition, in this market, the 10 brands have the shine in the market. The following Xiaobian to give you a summary.

2016 high visibility of the ten largest cake shop

, a Paris Angel baking mansion, is a set of baked food production, R & D, sales, training as one of the modern comprehensive food enterprises, has been the business development to Southeast Asia, Guangdong and some provinces and cities, the country has more than and 300 stores (including delivery stores), distribution type bread central plant more than and 10 get home, the most popular brand, the most creative brand, excellent Chinese baking business awards, won the National Association of industry and commerce, Chinese commercial business association award.

, two (ten / Ganso Cake Bakery brand, Taiwan famous brand, Taiwan 1980) to Taiwan Ganso birthday cake, featuring souvenir main headquarters, more than 1 million of the amount of investment, supply, capital recovery period of 2-3 years.

three, hollyland, founded in September 1992 has become the production and operation of cake, bread, pastry, cakes, dumplings, Glutinous Rice Balls point, and other products, has a national distribution in more than and 70 large and medium-sized city thousands of retail stores, franchise fees 20-50 million.

four, breadtalk in Singapore in 2000 formally established with investment boutique bakery, the characteristics of products with fashion, novel and delicious. Breadtalk join the main cooperation with companies and investment institutions, the franchise fee of about 10 million, start-up capital 5 million.

five, C 85, was founded in 2004, mainly engaged in coffee and dessert, 85 degrees C expansion strategy is based on the cooperative shares of the way to reduce the rent, even rent free shop, so fast, with good pavement investors, in cooperation with the 85 degree C can certainly get great returns!

six, Hanmihadun, founded in 2006, is a collection of food research and development, production, training and sales as one of the Chinese baked food industry leading national retail chain enterprises. Mainly engaged in bread, cakes, pastries, beverages and other products, jiamengfei 100 thousand -200 000

seven, think uncle, founded in 2013, the main

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