78 temporary parking point of the city changed to 5 yuan 2 yuan the cost of parking increases publ

recently, many people reflect, 78 temporary parking on the road from the main city 51 long after the price rose by 2 yuan a unified 5 yuan, resulting in the increase in the cost of parking, especially for the temporary stop of the vehicle, stop for a few minutes to pay 5 yuan, is not worthwhile, can traffic through the hotline to reflect what prompted authorities to start further refinement, in order to truly achieve the purpose of quick stop.

According to Mr. Liu

people to reflect, he often used in temporary parking parking barracks lane to work or shopping, parking is half an hour, the original parking fee standard is 2 yuan, but after 51 here again when parking rose suddenly became 5 yuan fee, ask the staff, the toll was set up at the roadside publicity card said city price policy.

driver Zhang said, he often stop ten minutes eating breakfast in the traffic lane, now the parking fee increases, the $5 parking fee to catch up with the meal, the parking cost is too high, if driving work in urban areas, the day was ten yuan, higher than the price of oil, so some drivers will try to occupy other public roads. Some drivers say, temporary parking suggests that public short time parking space, due to the temporary parking of my new toll standard is too general, only 2 hours parking fee of 5 yuan, overtime extra 1 yuan per hour for short time parking standards, the people cost is too high, and for some one stop that day people charge too little.

later, the reporter interviewed a number of parking fees, according to them, they charge the time from 8:30 in the morning to 10 at night, but some of the vehicle before they did not work stopped in the parking spaces, after their work hasn’t gone, long time occupied parking spaces. We suggest that can refine the parking charges, the implementation of the ladder fees, such as parking within 1 hours received 2 yuan, 5 yuan more than 2 hours, 2 hours by the time to the stack, it will ensure the vehicle stop quickly, and effectively improve the utilization of parking spaces, street parking problem solving.


connection, the reporter interviewed the municipal development and Reform Commission official said, according to him, a temporary road parking charges commission at the end of last year in the formulation of a class of area a total of 78 sections of 1704 parking charges for each parking fee of 5 yuan (can be stopped for 2 hours, 2 hours after each additional hour of increased charges 1 yuan), this standard has just been implemented, the need to run for a period of time, and then make recommendations to the municipal government according to the views of most people, to adjust the parts need to be adjusted, to improve gradually, has not changed.

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