Personal examples to explain the two months before the three Shanghai new ranking love experience

two, website internal optimization

, an important preliminary work


site internal optimization I think is relatively simple.

site selection procedures: the structure of the program must be simple and clear, with the search engines love Shanghai love Shanghai, has defined the most with Shanghai Longfeng optimized website structure: the home column page content page, the details can be to love Shanghai webmaster information to check.

2, space choice: many webmaster friends to save money, choose some unknown space business, although the price is cheap, but can not guarantee the stability, speed and safety problems. An unstable site to do optimization is not possible in Shanghai dragon. It is recommended that you do not save money, choose some well-known business space.

1, the domain name choice: domain name registration should try to choose good domain name, number less, recommended贵族宝贝 international domain name, the domain name must be new, those who do not buy second-hand domain, because there may be some domain name into the love Shanghai blacklist, so after the optimization to bring great trouble. In addition, the domain name registration is also very important.

as a webmaster, I can understand a lot of confusion, as a grassroots, I can realize more optimization of the bitterness of Shanghai dragon road. Through my hard work and exploration, one of my two months of new sites, the main keywords (love Shanghai index 300) ranked second in Shanghai finally love, which means love Shanghai weight up to 2, daily through the love Shanghai search engine flow of import 200+. While some optimization is not in terms of Shanghai dragon master what, but I think for some Shanghai Longfeng novice, my experience is very valuable, I will share my successful experience for everyone today, hoping to help more people like me, also hope to exchange and progress together with you. In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I will not put my station specific web site announced, directly share three points of my summary:

Shanghai Longfeng optimization on the website of the importance I think everyone is very clear, for the optimization of Shanghai dragon, that simple, hard to say. It is simple: it is the station outside the station optimization work, a little understanding of Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends all know; say it can really difficult: by Shanghai dragon optimization ranking, web site traffic is not much from the search engine, it should be said that most sites are only a small part of the site give up halfway, success and gained valuable experience. Webmasters often did not have a spirit of sharing, not willing to share their valuable experience of success, even share also insert a lot of advertising, reduced credibility.

actually I’ve done several stations, without success, the success with the previous experience of failure is also very relevant, through the front several times of failure, I deeply appreciate the work site is very important. There are the following points:

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