The first lesson in online money making the ten great truths shlf1314 discoveredWhat is the value of

The basic flow of


3. is better than slow.

interface is clear and easy to use; web pages are loaded quickly; absolutely not to sell search results in the rankings. The ads on the website should provide relevant content and will not affect the user experience.

1. is user centric and everything else comes in.

creation, shlf1314 was the central task of providing the best user experience. Although many companies advocate the priority of customer interests, but it is difficult to resist all kinds of temptations, often sacrifice a small amount of customer interests to increase shareholder value. shlf1314’s consistent attitude is that if changes made do not bring any advantages to web visitors, they will firmly refuse:

shlf1314 has earned 100 billion by these ten truths. How much did you make? – three



network earning first lesson: the ten great truths shlf1314 discovered:

technology blog PandoDaily Sara ·, Lacy Sarah feel a little strange, so she compared some other large e-commerce and group buying website in the past year’s monthly independent user visits.

. The best way to


2. is to do one thing at an acme.

shlf1314 has always maintained the "user first" concept, thus winning the most loyal user groups from the internet. The growth of user groups is not achieved through television advertising, but through the praise of users.


shlf1314 has to do is search. shlf1314 doesn’t do constellation predictions, do financial advice, or chat. But with the world’s largest R & D team, intentnesses to solving search problems. shlf1314 knows what he is good at and knows how he can do better. By consistently exploring difficult problems, shlf1314 is always able to solve complex problems that puzzle others and continually improve the best service that has been recognized as the best on the web. With the help of the shlf1314 program and the shlf1314 toolbar to correct typos and other innovative tools through which users can search shlf1314 from any website makes millions of users can enjoy fast and perfect information search experience. All of shlf1314’s staff focused on creating ", the perfect search engine, ", and worked tirelessly to achieve this goal.

, don’t say you’ve seen it. The key is how much you’ve done. – two

Zulily’s basic traffic is currently only 2.5% of Amazon, and Amazon is a company with a market value of up to $105 billion. But Zulily’s monthly independent user visits are far beyond Gilt Groupe.


this article compiles from businessinsider

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shlf1314 believes in the joy that comes in an instant. You need to answer >

Zulily is currently only 2.5% of the Amazon have reported that maternal electronic commerce and group purchase website Zulily just in the new round of financing, with an annual income of $500 million $1 billion valuation.

: as you can see from this chart, only three companies have exceeded industry averages: Amazon, Fab, and Zulily." "The valuations of the latter two companies may still be radical, but it helps explain why investors think they’re doing better."

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