Love is not the first Shanghai domain what it means

recently, love is not because of Links problems domain is not in the home, thought it was normal, just look at the key words after the discovery of all keywords no ranking; Internet, query over lots of information, on the forum, seen roughly domain is not the first time, many new sites will appear no ranking the phenomenon of; for the old station, the result of domain is in the first few days have little effect, will return to normal.


network station that domain is on the site of the warning, for many new sites, if the chain is not stable, or collect too much or Links problems, or problems, are prone to the problem of domain is not in the home, although this time site still results in the first place. However, what the snapshot keywords ranking may not keep up the pace; if you find timely correction, then domain results will return to normal, less a few days long half month, half a year or even longer did not change.

at first, love net webmaster is very agree with that argument, after all, just get the chain chain query results, and the causal relationship between the keywords ranking is not much; we like the domain station network, after the inquiry found that the website stationmaster net result does not appear in the first place, only is the weight of stationmaster net is allow all doubt. In addition, we domain NetEase; 163, also did not appear in the first place, the same evidence query chain and weight there is no relation between.

we all know if in the search engine site a web site, the site is not the first means right down; in fact, many times we are not in such a situation, many websites from included over yuan down to a single digit site included, or find the URL appears in the first. This shows that site down the right and not completely corresponding relationship, most of the time. Site appears in the first does not necessarily mean Everything will be fine.

, of course, for the old station, although the results of the site is domain strange change warning, but the old station is the old station, the weight of love there, just to remind Shanghai, not what is right down the action, Bi >

site, owners often use is the domain command, use the domain command in the search engine can approximate the chain query website. Many times, we still find the result was domain. Appeared in the first; only occasionally, we will find that domain do not result in the first.

In addition to

we all know love Shanghai’s search results are ranked according to the weight, this is not that the site is down right? Although many webmaster think domain just check outside the chain is not much practical significance; as long as the keywords ranking, what what snapshot the chain is floating clouds, don’t you see a page on flow over a million

This love is not

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