Love Shanghai frequently update algorithm er Shanghai Longfeng not to upgrade on the night

is experienced in recent months love Shanghai updated Shanghai dragon Er, she will fall in love with the sea ah, really is to bring us the bitter Shanghai dragon cliff Er approximation ah, certainly not so alarmist, really thought about why love Shanghai continue to update the algorithm knows from a macro said, this is the Internet industry, every Internet Co are trying to progress, today you progress, tomorrow may be beyond the love of other companies, Shanghai is no exception, he is behind the 360, Sogou browser and so on in chasing, if done 360 and Sogou ranking Shanghai dragon Er will also be they found, as mentioned above in the importance of these points, because they do not improve the search environment, in the end is the result of the loss of users, reduce the purchase amount, from the microscopic to Say, for those of us not in love with every day every hour and moment in search of Shanghai to do the promotion of the people, so we cannot do without according to its rules to work, also confirms the biologist Darwin mentioned the idea of survival of the fittest "survival of the fittest in natural selection," the same years, ah, love is like a football game, as Shanghai the referee, it made the rules if you were illegal, may be booked, if serious may be directly by the red card is K off, you can only look forward to your good behavior, he may allow you to end game gives you the chance to play. Since the platform is set up to love Shanghai, you have to follow the footsteps of love Shanghai, always pay attention to it, if you need to rely on him to give you the products help, you still don’t with my temper, want to do what, unless you don’t rely on it to spread, that is another story, one day you with his things, you have to stick to it. "

Of course, if

love Shanghai in recent months, frequently updated, Shanghai dragon circle can be described as a One event succeeds another., first launched the "green" algorithm, give a heavy blow, most of the trading links well, I’m not going to buy links, I changed the chain of hair to do a lot of blog, Send a lot of forum posts and so on, Shanghai has launched a "love on the chain of judgment" and send more spam links, blog, forums and other meaningless content, the result is website ranking does not rise and fall, well, this doesn’t work, then I do multiple station, post the article, where to get what the lazy acquisition tool, to the site inside a day to collect dozens of articles, or get some pseudo original tools what add some of the content, do not love the sea station can do, I chain, blog, What the forum is not done, but I do, then you are wrong, love Shanghai has launched a "talk about the original project that something, what do you use collection tools or false original tools to make what you want content, shot, love will also be a blow to Shanghai, if not, it you are very lucky, but also love from Shanghai not far on, of course also launched the" back "of course, the pomegranate algorithm affected should belong to those rankings better, if you dare to put the rankings do not so much junk ads, popups function what you are looking for, then hit the muzzle.

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