How to change the domain name DZ forum after the restoration of rank and weight fast


1, website content (either the original or false original)


website domain name, will be within 24 hours included home www domain name, top-level domain name will be included within 48 hours, in the next month, we’ll have to be careful, pay attention to the following points:

2, the high quality of the chain (must be of high quality, rather than not indiscriminate)

belongs to the trouble, the Chinese Wangzhuan forum reminded all the chain of friends, but half of the chain is not back, here to replace the domain name in the chain of friends say thank you.

.The normal update


if you stick it out, there is no way, can only wait for 2 months, the new domain name you have good weight and included again to remind each other, if not change, you can have, is just beginning not, because even if not changed, will give us. Delivery weight, because we had done 301.


many people are lazy, go to Taobao to buy the chain service, but the chain for the website, not only harm the benefits of a good quality of the chain is much more than 10 or even 20 garbage outside the chain, therefore, must be high quality, rather than not indiscriminate

love Shanghai audit for a preliminary audit new website at around 3-7 for 301 days, the old site redirection is enough for 24 hours. When our new domain name on the line, will be immediately submitted to love Shanghai, can use real-time push or manual submission.

A5 owners, major marketing websites blogs are very good outside the chain of high quality publishing platform, adhere to a publishing original content to these high weight website every day, persist for 1 months, after a month, enough to make your new domain name included 1000, the weight of 1~2.

3, the Links will remind you to change your new domain name.

The release of

last time for everyone to share a "detailed DZ forum for domain name and note", has been published in the A5 station network, today to share how to change the domain name after the restoration included, rankings and weight fast. We have to do a 301 redirect to love Shanghai, and submitted 360 Sogou domain name change, this relatively than a new web site can better restore the weight and included.


during this period do not modify the site Title, KeyWords, Description. As for the content of the website, as far as possible to improve the degree of the original, there are too many forums to Chinese Wangzhuan forum copy the contents of this point can not be avoided, only let it be.

Huaxia Wangzhuan forum is ready now about 301 to 20 days, following Shanghai love included:

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