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As a webmaster

saw a lot of garbage sites, they used to collect the contents of perfunctory users, or directly with the pseudo original tools adapted to write the article, East, West a mess. If this article can keep users, this is the most unfair. Write articles should not only have the central idea, out of the ordinary, let users from the article understand some truth, learn knowledge, this is the true love of the user. Summary: the basic purpose of the user to the site has two kinds, one is to find resources, the other is a link, so we can give the user resources, either external to the user chain platform.

as a webmaster, you have to think about a problem, what your website can bring to the user, the content of the website is the needs of the user, if the user does not need, then, why should it stay. To do a good website, or from the content of quality, either from the popularity of the article, if the quality is good enough, there is no reason not popular. If the site’s popularity is high, even if the content of garbage, can keep the user, because we all love the ride, the hair of the chain of users love the lively website. In questioning their own website does not flow, may wish to think, what the user on your site.

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Why should

don’t know if you want to have a problem, why do you want to do, is to deal with the search engine, if you really think so, you will never be able to build a successful website. You can think of myself as a user, the user’s identity to look at successful web site, nature can get the answer. Always complaining that their website is not popular, always complaining about the search engine is not fair, but if you carefully think about, why your website is not popular. In turn, you put yourself as a user, to appreciate their own website to an ordinary user’s mind, you will find that the original website is not good enough for you.

users visit your site, what are the reasons for your website what can bring to the user, each user to access a web site is a purpose, is to find the answer, to learn, and to send a link, and is part of the fun. The above is the basic for several reasons. From the above analysis we can see, want to retain the user, either as a content rich website, provide rich content to the user, or give users a lively place for them to release the chain, if a website is not rich in content, popularity is not good, is destined to be a the failure of the site.

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