Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow Opens Off-Broadway

first_img View Comments The silver screen has The Brave Little Toaster, but off-Broadway has talking night lamp Wally Watthead! Innovative children’s show Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow opens January 14. Conceived by Finnish performer Janne Raudaskoski, who also stars as Wally, the new experimental production will play New World Stages’ Stage Two. The new production features magic by Raudaskoski and Tatu Tyni, video by Sanna Malkavaara, light and sound design by Petri Mikkonen, costumes by Kaisa Kemikoski and set design by Kemikoski and Raudaskoski. Wally Watthead originally premiered at Unga Teatern in Helsinki, Finland on August 28, 2008. The show has been performed in English, Swedish, Russian and Chinese—the New World Stages production is Wally Watthead’s American premiere.

 Directed by Sami Rannila, Wally Watthead features a script by Raudaskoski and Rannila. In a new theatrical experience combining magic, clowning, mime, black lights, video and special effects, the show stars Raudaskoski, Tuija Nuojua as Polly Picture and Jonathan Hutchings as Simon Simcard. The new production tells the story of Wally Watthead, a night lamp who loses his glow. Simon Simcard, a smartphone, helps Wally regain his glow and the pair go on a series of adventures. But when Polly Picture comes to life, Wally and Simon’s friendship is put to the test.


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