The purpose of search engine is to destroy the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon Commissioner will di

let Internet users become more lazy, let more real, simple, make more simple and convenient function. The future may each website has a page ranking of the opportunity, and do not need to do outside the chain of Shanghai dragon. The search engine will give each website function score, ranking factor is the timeliness of the content, Title Correlation, certification authority, website security, website user degree, residence time, website click rate.

user experience life shortened the Shanghai DragonThe station optimization

introduction: Shanghai Longfeng future is more like a kind of idea and strategy, rather than position. Any website managers understand the user experience, as long as the typist also thought there will be a typist typewriter. Never mind future website ranking and user experience in Shanghai dragon! In the chain of meaningless. The purpose of search engine is to destroy the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon force transformation of user experience.

What is the future of Shanghai dragon

don’t believe Shanghai dragon training institutions, because they rely on money > training machine

we now say what are the contents, think carefully, this is not a web editor, or a developer can do? 365 days a year, don’t you website title, label, description, keywords, it is changing every day? In the construction of the chain, really only Shanghai dragon will do network coding? No? You know not only understand the user experience of Shanghai dragon.


future search engine is no longer content aggregation, but will differentiate into many vertical business. The search results page 10 is uninhabited, which promotes the development of the search engine as the vertical direction. In the future search engine search direct consumer goods, products will be less, I found photography agencies, search the slimming tea, will go to the professional business website search. The future of most of the traffic is SEM away from Shanghai dragon.

search engine development direction in the future is what

site weight will disappear one day, the future of a chain and website ranking Never mind, analysis from the perspective of the user experience, no one will see the friends of the chain, the weights of the transfer function sooner or later he disappeared, and the day will disappear is the weight disappear one day.


search engine will not let Shanghai Longfeng everywhere outside the chain, with the improvement of webmaster tools, the rise of user resources and new media SNS, there is no need to let Shanghai Longfeng specialist alone, any one of the site management personnel (development, planning, editing) can read these. Some people will say that the future of Shanghai dragon is the user experience, this is not wrong! Jobs, but a thought, each operator site should have the idea of Shanghai dragon is distributed to each person, Shanghai dragon is no longer a position. As a typist, not a job, but whenever you need a typist when everyone can do.

search engine does not necessarily need to Shanghai dragon Commissioner

? Shanghai dragon is not a job is not technology, but the thought of

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