Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon means algorithm changes required to keep pace with the times

3. love Shanghai stepped up efforts to combat the Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai as a business organization, profit is their ultimate goal. If the website by Shanghai Dragon technology to the front, is bound to cause a certain crisis in their. Moreover, Shanghai Longfeng optimization station is not the user experience degree higher than the other station. As mentioned earlier, the Shanghai Shanghai dragon hit love reflected in the optimization of obvious traces of new love, Shanghai included a very slow even not included. Optimized obvious traces of the old station may be right down. Love Shanghai search page ranking is also showing a random, with a station may refresh in a few minutes will be found in different locations. Different IP have different rankings, these are the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon to intensify the crackdown performance. So, to the webmaster, sites have some luck in front of it, is not to say that the original + the chain do well will have good rankings.

2. show love Shanghai polarization to the railway station. Some new sites included very fast, as fast as possible as long as half an hour will be love Shanghai included, which may slow months are not included. I recently had two stations, which included a day, while another more than 20 days are not included. While the two website is the original article, two station day update two articles, the chain is almost the same. The reason is because the station optimization traces not included more obvious, keyword density is relatively large, and the title of title are also long tail keywords, keyword appears in the article where do the anchor text, so love Shanghai refused to included.

4. love Shanghai algorithm is more and more too profound to be understood. I have a website main keywords "breath" in Shanghai second page three >.

love Shanghai recently algorithm update, the webmaster forum can see a lot of people about the sex Shanghai optimization more and more difficult. In the past we have always believed in the "content is king, the chain for emperor" seems a bit outdated, simple pseudo original and every day the chain has been unable to win the love of Shanghai "". The following is the two month since I observed to love Shanghai algorithm and love Shanghai website optimization practice summed up some views.

1. love Shanghai to strengthen the original article requirements. Many owners complained that the new article love Shanghai very difficult to collect. In fact, if the original copy is online or simply modify the head and tail, replace synonyms pseudo original means of published articles, love Shanghai has a discrimination mechanism, which is the key technology of fingerprint, love Shanghai spiders will automatically extract some words from the article, and then with the data in the database for if you find the same comparison, more than 80% words extraction and database, love Shanghai might refuse included. Of course, we cannot know the love of spiders in Shanghai is to extract the words, because any words in the article are likely to be the love of Shanghai as a fingerprint recognition word. So, if you want to be loved, Shanghai included, only through their own handmade original.

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