Website optimization process how to use HTML tags to enhance the optimization effect

first, the purpose and significance of the rational use of HTML tags. We know that the search engines crawl the web content through the spider crawling web information extraction, when extracting important information is realized through the basic code, the main content to let search engines crawl the page conveniently and accurately, the need for ER Shanghai Dragon "artificial noise reduction. In fact, just finished the noise reduction step, still cannot guarantee the correct understanding of the search engine page. But after doing semantic layout, appears in the search engine at a glance the web structure, it’s good to see a user in typesetting articles, reading comfort and speed will be greatly enhanced.

third, we should pay attention to those problems in the process of using labeled? HTML tag is to enhance the basic interface layout optimization. In the process of using, we must clear each label meaning and usage, then note that the label of the nested problem, bilateral markers are paired, must write the end identifier, and unilateral markers we should also use the backslash to the end, the integrity of the code must be well reflected, "although it is composed of a lot of code, user >

as everyone knows, website optimization using HTML tags in the process is the basic problem must go through the code optimization, rational use of HTML tag is through the use of structure corresponding to the meaning of the Html tag to search engine recognition. We know all the HTML tags are has its own meaning, understand the search engine page is by way of the label, such as that is the title of the article, that is the main content of the web page, is a paragraph mark etc..

for search engines, the structure and semantics of the search engine spiders can smooth the understanding of the body of the page labels, such as those who are title, plus the B tag or strong tag is the need to focus on, such web page weight distribution of key details of search engines are able to express what you need clear very quickly, so Shanghai Longfeng maximum optimization you need to express something to play.

second, how to correctly use HTML tags. The author thinks that the web designers need to understand that we only label every meaning in using markers, the use and the layout can be reasonable in the correct position, such as a paragraph tag P, paragraph in the text will wrap, since it is a paragraph on the surface looks will wrap, but this is not the time to use go to the line, marking the treatment period of the line, the paragraph is marked by P more appropriate. H1, H2, H3 tags, H4, H5, H6 level optimization is more and more low, according to the website title, subtitle column page title and content of the page title as the case selection, news page list page or product list page label UL, ol, Li, select the appropriate label in the list.

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