How to get free blog promotion website weight more awesome

is to eventually blog website Shanghai Longfeng optimization services, of which the most important is the blog weight increase >

for these blogs we give them to locate the appropriate and reasonable, so that it can not be in love with the sea sentences as spam and punishment. They should be in the service of website optimization, mainly is the chain network website construction, at the same time, with the high quality of the article click bring some traffic to your site. It should be noted that the blog content itself is a prerequisite for quality of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, we must resolutely put an end to high rate, not reproduced the freshness of the search engine. So, to improve the blog itself weight by the high quality blog, play free blog premise to improve site weight.

famous free blog has high weight, crawl speed, large number of users and other advantages, to improve the site weight, development has a very good advantage of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. However, for the love Shanghai free blog the adjustment has not stopped, especially for not only to add the chain and blog made greater efforts to intervene and cleaning quality content. Faced with this situation, how should we do in order to give full play to the free blog to improve website weight function? According to my experience, the webmaster insisted on doing so, it can avoid the love of Shanghai’s intervention and punishment, let free blog group promotion website weight more awesome! > , a

blog search engine only first in the evaluation system, after the search engine spiders crawl frequency is high, in order to better effect to improve the site weight up. So, we should insist on using the correct method of operation to improve the quality of their own blog.

blog to locate appropriate and reasonable

three, the rational use of the chain added in the blog to improve website weight skills

we can run a blog from a few aspects: one is to use the high quality content, fresh content of original or false original "feed" search engine spiders; two is the use of a regular update of search engine spiders promote trust, develop a regular crawl and crawl; three is the use of links to each other between blog, improve each other’s weight, to play the role of optimization to provide more favorable conditions; four is the proper use of the topic of speculation, the blog web page probability, increase the amount of reading, to further improve the weight of blog in the search engine by visiting more.

The purpose of

free blog group contains two meanings: one is that it is constructed with the help of like Sina, love Shanghai space, blog, NetEase, Sohu and other free blogging platforms, unlike the independent blog as required to pay fees and charges two domain name space; it is a blog group, because we need a sufficient number of chain Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, which need to use a number of advantages of blog group to create the chain network, so the quantity and quality is essential.

blogGet a higher weight

two, with the correct method of operation to improve the quality of the

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