Shanghai Longfeng friendship link optimization misunderstanding two must know

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on Links, believes that many webmaster know its importance in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Links to increase the weight of the website, but also plays a very important role, but anything is a critical point, in the end how much, how to exchange friendship link? I want you the introduction is about the friendship of Shanghai Longfeng optimization link two must know the mistakes today, hope the two can bring you help, let Links role play to the extreme.

page snapshot update slow

, for example, a web site keywords ranking in the sea of love home, but it is March snapshot or 09 years, but the date is very slow, for this website, we can exchange Links? I suggest you is like this website. You can exchange connection. The main reason is very simple, a manifestation of the weights of the website is keyword ranking. Keyword ranking flow higher then your weight is higher. Mainly to see the website weight is good to exchange friendship. Keywords and snapshot is not directly related to the snapshot update is not equal to rank well. When you change the Links how to know each other’s website weight high it is mainly to see the other side of what? The PR value, YAHOO snapshot, included, reverse link. These are not important, important is the rankings and related domain. The relevant domain name is the site of the domain, such as the Shanghai domian:www.***贵族宝贝 in love to get out of the results is called domain. So many friends in this area into misunderstanding. Another point is that it is.

web page snapshot update slow change, in practical work, looking for Links, we always ask the same PR, also included, the latest snapshot date, sometimes really rarely see keywords ranking, in fact, a web site keywords ranking is the most important.

webmaster according to years of experience, in fact, the weight of Links do more website pages share less. But Links do more on our home page keyword ranking the more favorable, because the weight of the home page will not affect the Links. Links do more will only affect the weight of long tail keywords. How much is the Links page weight does not affect, it is not by how many pages link to decide. Through these instructions, you should understand, do Links is helpful to our website, but need to control the reasonable quantity, in order to achieve the best effect, strictly speaking, the chain with the chain of small and medium-sized website to be controlled within 100.

first misunderstanding: Links better

Links better end is not so? A lot of new owners, often have such doubt, then Links can give our site with weight and diversion, it is not the more the better? But there is also a view that is less and less, or do not need to do.

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