Shanghai dragon A5 diagnostic group teach you distinguish the difference between love and Google Sha


content is king included

ranking for the stability of the basic

Shanghai Longfeng personnel website every day hard maintenance of website, do all kinds of work, whether it is to do the content or the chain, the ultimate goal is to improve the overall ranking of the website, let a website to find a suitable position in the search engine, user search engine related words.

either people or companies, are not designed for a search engine to make a station, then you need to do a lot of websites, the website is certainly need input of manpower and material resources, I believe there will be a few people willing to invest, a website can do what, why many websites together? This is completely unnecessary, so this requires Shanghai Longfeng personnel can according to various search engines to take different corresponding measures, this is the first thing to Shanghai dragon personnel to be able to distinguish the major search engines to slight differences in the. Following on from the professional A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team to teach you how to distinguish the difference between love and Shanghai Google, the optimization measures do better.

website content is king, so whether the content search engine can be successfully included, this is the key, and good content if it can’t be included in the search engine that is useless. Love Shanghai and Google is not the same as in the collection, there are subtle differences, careful Adsense also believe that Shanghai has found love, for a new content collection for a period of time, included a higher threshold, but if we can have the opportunity to be included, the weights are also good. That it is easier to get ranked, while Google has included the low threshold, on the contrary, the original content is not too high, even if it is a collection of content also can be included, but to be put out, get good rankings, that there is a certain degree of difficulty.

link for the emperor external links


love is either Shanghai or Google are external links very seriously, the link for the emperor this sentence is not just talk, but meaningful, pay special attention to the external links of noble baby, not so high requirements on the page settings, the layout of the keywords are also the same, not for these noble baby so much, but if you are more careful, you can easily find the row in front of, basically the quality of external links are very high, the number is more than the average, but with the layout of the page no matter too much what. The degree of attention and love Shanghai Google external links is light then, but the correlation of the page itself is very high, such as: the page layout of the keywords, the number, density and so on, these are likely to set reasonable to help improve the keywords ranking. But if there are too many keywords, the number is not reasonable, resulting in the phenomenon of keyword stuffing, then Shanghai will love on your site for punishment, but Google is not due to these factors on your site of punishment.

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