Shanghai Dragon Technology self zero based learning Shanghai Longfeng not as simple as you think

learning is relatively large, before I spent half the time to self-study Shanghai Longfeng, results a waste of time not to say, only learned about the foundation, but also spent a lot of energy, the reason is self once the direction of bias, is used, and online information are not full. The real dry cargo most people don’t share it, so in the online learning point of fur after the beginning of out ghost, be wise after being reality mercilessly several times later in the face, Shanghai dragon online training, learn from the biggest disadvantage is a waste of time, do not understand in the previous time precious time, the wasted time in the above, no studies, is distressed.

is the biggest advantage of Shanghai Longfeng self-study training institutions of the save money, avoid being hurt, and now the Internet Shanghai dragon training institutions innumerable, high tuition fees worry that they can not learn, so choose self-study, before I know some more cattle, through self-study to master a lot of technology, but they are really hard, when others play, they still global access information on the Internet, so they are successful, or they have a good base, so choose self-study.

two, pay Learning >


, a study of the advantages and disadvantages of Shanghai dragon

if you want to study in Shanghai Dragon technology, a few suggestions you may wish to listen to the author, is also to help you learn, first, the first in line to buy a "Shanghai dragon combat code" to see, which tells the Shanghai dragon is very comprehensive, suitable for beginners learning, many of my friends are watching this the book about Shanghai dragon; after reading most only stay in the level of understanding; second, can do a website to optimize the operation, many novice will build a website, in fact it is not difficult to do, do not write the code can be built on the establishment of the website template, online video is more, the author the establishment and operation of online video technology is through unremitting efforts, but also not proficient, just know! The third step is thinking, thinking of the needs of users, Thinking on the profit model, value creation, continuous mining users precise flow, do this step, it is not limited in Shanghai Longfeng technology level.

But the disadvantage of

Shanghai Dragon Technology at present to a well-known Internet promotion and one or two people, most of them are not so strange, companies need to do Shanghai Longfeng, cost savings, so Shanghai Longfeng post was born, and encourage employees to learn; graduates need to do Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, because want to find a high paying job need to strengthen their skills Shanghai; grassroots webmaster to do not work because the dragon, is his ideal, and this technology is difficult to Shanghai dragon, that simple, focusing on whether fully learned a few days ago, a reader sent me a message, ask whether Shanghai Longfeng self-taught, my answer is: if you are a genius! Or have enough time.

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