See the love sea than we imagined powerful love from Shanghai

mentioned in the love of Shanghai’s original spark program now a major role in the article above, now for the original product recognition degree is not so high, so now there is a general weight website if you are updating time, then the general love of Shanghai snapshot will be updated, this point in some weight B2B the site is particularly evident. But for the relatively more stringent, the general is designated to release time, not updated with updates, but fell in love with the sea will do special labeling.

the love Shanghai snapshot, first love Shanghai time snapshot and describe the annotation time is the same, but the second is not the same, love Shanghai snapshot time is 2014-02-12, but the description tagging time is 2014-02-15. I have not found such a case, it was found by accident when I was included in the today the 2014-02-12 query, this time I remember clearly I release this news time, 2014-02-15 this time is my site is the latest trends, will call the website for the latest release of the contents, I remember my website has a new application case, is some pictures of things, but know the content on the website construction especially love Shanghai is not very significant, so I might as well have previously released news update date is The 12 news release at No. 15 >

Two news

love since Shanghai last year released a series of new algorithms, especially the original spark program released, one of the original identification will be used to update the snapshot snapshot, so unlike before casually, the previous snapshot is updated with the love Shanghai more new, such as Friday update, then will you show a snapshot of the day on Friday, but now the love of Shanghai snapshot update seems difficult many, some long time the website snapshot not update, as much as half a year no updates to the site are in, as in the end how to update the snapshot did not seem to say clearly, some say that the content is updated spider, often, the website included snapshot will update faster, faster; some say love Shanghai will refer to some digital snapshot of things, such as your home page snapshot, hypothesis Have the date of your home page, it is very likely that your snapshot is the date, for example you update an article, the article produces a new date, there might be a snapshot will be updated as of this date, but things are not absolute, like two cases just mentioned does exist, but not universal some people, the site every day, update the content, but also included is also good, but the snapshot is not updated, although some released a new article, the emergence of a new date, but the snapshot is not updated, my understanding is probably the case, two cases mentioned for a new snapshot of the front that is a plus the premise is to love Shanghai enough recognition of your site, such as your site has a certain rank, have a certain weight, a certain amount of access, only then appears in front of the Two cases that is updated snapshot.

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