Some factors affecting analysis and suggestions of website traffic conversion rate

3. website, if a web page can not see any contact information, company information, some websites even just a single page, if your customers do you think you will believe? In fact, blog positioning themselves a role, this role must be one of the the professional authority, so the user will further believe your station, there are some small details that can be put on their own.

1. website product category, Changsha Shanghai dragon personally feel that this is a very big influence users desire to buy, I see a user to browse my website after leaving such a sentence: "every brand makes you boast over, you want me to choose who to tell the truth, I am good? Thank you very much for this customer, awoken, speaks of a problem, there is the biggest website, a website is really don’t recommend many brands of products, each product recommendation says, this will only lead to a result: We guided by the customer has become the biggest obstacle caused by the customer is determined let the customer without direction, couldn’tdecide finally in vain a loss of customers. Take Taobao mall Taobao stores, personal feel pushed 1-3 flagship product line.


is a website to make a profit, the site must maximize the website traffic into the trading volume, the volume of transactions, will gain the benefits, the electronic commerce website can run normally, the electronic commerce website no trading volume is very difficult to survive. According to the China Changsha Shanghai dragon Internet data show that Chinese website survival rate is not high, many of them are untimely death, this is a very regrettable thing. There are many sites have a lot of accurate flow, there are a lot of people visit every day, but can not sell their products well; it is a website every day there are more than 3000 accurate traffic sites, but only a single turnover of 2, the conversion rate is so low, this is a lot of people do not want to see the results, is the webmaster friends deep. Changsha website optimization recently has been in the analysis of how the customer purchases and click rate into large volume, what factors determine the user’s desire to buy? The author through long-term observation with practical experience summed up the following points for your reference and exchange:

2. UI site must be humanized design, no website home in a large number of head films and video and music files, so as to enhance the user viscosity and enhance the user experience. When customers come to your website will not give a very fancy feeling, the customer must think that I have come to watch the pictures to watch video shopping is not going, they have a special web site can! So the website contents must correspond to the theme of the site and in the design of the site is on! Must the appearance of web design professional, beautiful, not fancy. The website must highlight the characteristics of their own, can only give the customer a copy of the aesthetic visual fatigue. Don’t insert a large number of advertising pages, especially annoying

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