The analysis of the six characteristics of the web site is down right and end treatment measures

below by the summer wind to tell you there may be several reasons to be right down, and from the site covered some details and treatment practice days in right down to share with you, for you to troubleshoot problems, let down the right treatment become easier, but also for the problem an antidote against the disease.


2, website snapshot stagnation or retrogression, the site included a large number of reducing: in fact, the above problems appear webmaster should say minority. My website cover it, because is a novel type of website, is to be collected, it is difficult to do original or false original (can’t change it to change the content sections of the novel. In June, 5) last time there has been a lot of stories not included, snapshots from the next update to update a few days, the most severe cases occurred 1 months to update a snapshot of the home page. As can be imagined because a lot of the acquisition of the cause site is down right and how deep. Of course, the above statement is possible, but not certain, just keep doing it, love Shanghai weight, even if the acquisition, love Shanghai will be a large number of collection and timely snapshot, we must first love the face of Shanghai ninja, especially to eat by love in Shanghai, don’t scold love Shanghai. For the website snapshot of stagnation or retrogression, I have met many times, has It is often seen.. The main reason is because of a "

1, for the love of Shanghai search engine, we must learn to see the love and love of Shanghai Shanghai included snapshot command, site and domain. Site is in love with the sea included query command statement amount, if there is no site website home page first, then there might be a lot of right to be reduced, because we know the home page for the search engines will be regarded as the page of the weight is higher than any web page, if not in the first place, then there might be a lot of right to be reduced. The domain command is a reverse link query of your web site, if not in the first row, which is a manifestation of a web site is down right. Here to make you, so in turn, when we exchange Links, must through the two command to query the website of the other side are in the first row, if there is no one in the first place, can not do Links. To drag their site is down right.

want to say that the site is down right and the site has been K concept is not the same, the site is down right can be considered as the site problems lead to decline of the weights of the website, and to search engine punishment, recently love Shanghai relatively large adjustment, many sites have emerged snapshot stagnation or retrogression, this may also be the site is down right performance, so we want to know the site has been down right, the way to know what the

solution: if you have any of these problems, we need to check the site where there is a problem in many aspects, including whether Links is normal, or server space stability, whether there are down of every two or three days.

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