Some details for the optimization of the impact of reduced reasonable revision

the right way: during the revision of a copy of the web page you need to modify the file, modify the file copy, when the local test is correct in the upload to the server deployment.


three: breadcrumb navigation changes

for the site for crumbs both play an important role in the Shanghai dragon or UEO. General breadcrumb navigation will provide the current position. For example: Web page » & search; Shanghai dragon » several details for the optimization of the impact of the reasonable reduction of revision. Some of the more experienced staff may be in the revision of optimization during the breadcrumb navigation bar on the next article will use, such as: "the A5 Adsense nets page » & search; Shanghai dragon » some details reasonably reduce the revision of this form for the optimization of the impact of". This change may seem not much, but the search engines don’t think so. Because of a relatively large sites, such as A5, this slight change means that tens of thousands of pages will be changed.

for the optimization of the site, we often encounter H1, H2, ALT, Title mark information, this information is more sensitive to search engine, when our site for revision upgrades, should not make too much change in the tag information, if much of sensitive information change is likely to be the search engine that is a kind of cheating, and cause unnecessary punishment.

four: dynamic pages into a static page.

for problems will inevitably be the revision of the site in the process, not a successful modification. If the direct online changes when you receive the error, not only will affect the normal user access, user friendly experience caused by the decrease of the degree, but if the search engine at this time also visit your site, it will have a negative impact on your site weight.

two: reasonable discretion of the page changes

in order to improve site security, improve the user friendly experience, upgrade the function of the website and so on, the revision for each site is inevitable. But this time if your site has good ranking. The impact caused by the revision is inevitable. We know that the impact will have a negative impact on the site of the rankings, while it may be the search engine K off or pull hair. So how do we reduce the revision for the site according to the impact? The author will share their experiences in the following several.

: during the revision should not directly modify the file

the correct approach: sensitive information changes should try not to be a big change or too frequent changes.

the right way: if the site content of extra large, to minimize unnecessary changes.

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