Spring on the occasion a review of the reform and innovation of love in Shanghai in 2012

in strengthening product innovation and practicality, love Shanghai increase the contents of web pages and search the construction environment, the introduction of the industry certification service, in order to combat those who rely on some sensitive words to steal user privacy or harm the interests of users of the phishing sites, and 360 for the certification service later is the same, is only 360 free.

K station storm and love Shanghai and grassroots webmaster is constantly upgrading, while the 360 is at this time launched its own search product search, which set off a storm in the circle, and the 360 is to a certain extent by virtue of its own browser port advantages, from the market to grab the share of ten percent. Since the incident, love >

May 31, 2012, Shanghai announced the "love the famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note", the well-known site optimization, away from cheating and proposed some valuable suggestions. Subsequently issued a report cheating, allowing users to participate in the maintenance of network content in the environment, at the same time also reflects the love of Shanghai for the future to create high quality content determination. This is also considered the precursor station 6.18K events.

The contradiction between the malicious click event

long before the Spring Festival, as at the end of our lunar new year, we should for the events of the past year to make a summary, and today I want to say is not life feelings, but after the turmoil in 2012, the development trend of Shanghai and what is love.

in May 16, 2012, in order to suppress its weakness in flow port, Shanghai launched the "add to love love Shanghai home" model, in order to create a new user page, hao123 will be trying to keep the lost market share through this innovative move, but also to avoid future competitors, 360, Sogou strangling the throat development.

at the beginning of June 18, 2012, at the beginning of the August, during the 6.18 and 7.28K station storm, countless websites hit or accidental injury, especially the station, station and other legendary novels, the most affected. For this behavior, the author thinks that in addition to love Shanghai algorithm necessary upgrades to combat illegal content, maintaining the search environment, to further enhance the credibility of the industry for the love of Shanghai is the most important to love Shanghai, of course, some friends say Shanghai is to do the promotion to some websites, in which it is possible for commercial purposes.

February 15, 2012, Shanghai issued guidelines to optimize the love, love Shanghai officially released the official of Shanghai Longfeng bulletin, that do not easily believe that the optimization of company, then in the official platform again called Shanghai dragon is a very important work, a list of the proof of love for Shanghai and optimization work has been started to increase efforts to investigate pure, Shanghai Longfeng optimization work will not become a key factor in ranking.


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