Three experience to deal with love Shanghai adjustment algorithm

1, stability of the old station is still strong in the old domain name weight transfer to

for the webmaster, rare is the old station who has always insisted on the old station in Shanghai love these update algorithm, it has remained stable rankings and included, basically no change, and is revised or converted to other industries, the weight of old domain name will continue to pass it, we can see some good rankings the Taobao customer site and PW site, they quickly improve the ranking is used by a lot of high weight of the old domain name to do, the weight of the succession of the old domain name, so that the late optimization effort.

2, the user experience of the website is more and more attention of website marketing essential

many webmaster should have personal experience to the love of Shanghai, after the Spring Festival, has been constantly updating the new test algorithm, there are many previously ranked stable station which, in this update will be ruthless k out, so for the adjustment of love Shanghai, I own some. Personal practice, summed up the following contents, hope to the webmaster can enlighten.

3, the chain is still outside the chain of weapon Shanghai Longfeng stable is a magic weapon for

in general, since 2012 the love Shanghai algorithm update, for most of the webmaster, is both the opportunity and the risk, if you can keep up with the pace of adjustment of Shanghai love, then you are the winner of the last laugh, said those relative to the original by some speculative success, will certainly fall in this adjustment after the 2012, so we do Shanghai dragon or go white hat optimization way, let their young stand. The Taobao hot ladies original, reproduced please leave links, thank you.

love Shanghai

especially some charges outside the chain as some authority station or gateway station and local news station soft outside the chain is more and more love Shanghai identity and the weights are very high, but relatively buy Links has weakened the potential, and the chain, free blog, forums and other weights of the chain more and more low, while the B2B station shops chain is rising, that love Shanghai for the stability of the weight of the chain transmission and the site of the chain itself is more important for the construction of the chain, so we should also transfer.

from the beginning of this year, a snapshot of the thumb is recommended, love Shanghai more and more care about the opinions of Internet users, this also means that the love Shanghai algorithm to adjust more and more attention to user experience, paste the high degree of website, users are sharing web site, will be given weight love Shanghai more and more high, this also let us the direction of Shanghai Longfeng will this course with the website marketing, how to use the site to retain access to the customer, how to let customers can visit our page to provide users the most valuable information is the development direction of our website.

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