How to set up the Shanghai dragon chain combination health

10. not only the chain to the home page, also want to link to the content page, if you all the chain to the home page, it is very easy to search engine to determine if K is cheating, it’s the station so much to The loss outweighs the gain., a column page, content page, product page, this is a must and reasonable.

1. as far as possible from a different domain, and the best domain name suffix to distinguish, such as com, CN, edu, net and so on.

6. from the station link.


9. there is a part of the chain is not related to your site from the theme of the site. For a natural site outside the chain, it will be more or less in related sites, such as the chain game site may appear in the sales polishing machine forum.

? 8.

5. from the forum, although many forum links for the nofololow property, and the value is not high, but we have to do is to link the natural, a natural site will not only good links as a link? If so, it will be the search engine that deliberately human.

source website weight level collocation, not all websites from high weight website, this is not natural.

4. has many links from directories, directory of the web site is an important source of search engine content, will be submitted to the directory link on the website, is very conducive to the search engine website content fast and multi frequency crawling.

3. from the blog link, the trust degree of the search engine on the blog and friendly degree is far more than the general site, so, from the blog link is very necessary.

7. from the Social Web links to social networking sites, now it is too important, a normal website, if the link is no with it on the social networking site outside the chain number will occupy the site of the chain number a most general.

to answer the question posed in the title, we must first understand what is connected health? According to Shanghai dragon predecessors, healthy connection should be a combination of the source of the chain has diversity and diversification, because of the search engine, the user experience is always the core of the first, for those outside the chain of nature the distribution of the website, search engines will think they are really being approved by the user, has a good user experience, so the search engine will naturally prefer these sites to better rankings.

11. do not use only one anchor text anchor text, if all of a keyword, the search engine is likely to be judged as cheating, will naturally do anchor text >

2. source sites distributed in the world, using a different IP address. (mainly for the global Google search engine)

have to do to realize the chain combination of health

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