Shanghai Longfeng example 4 months will be 200 key words index a new website for the front page

in January 5, 2015 stopped, just after the so-called love Shanghai Ruili algorithm, we can see that "marriage counseling" has the key to the home page, but also a decline. In this four months, I in the form of a diary note of the website changes has the corresponding operation cut down, I will share my operation according to time sequence.

first make it clear that I am not what Shanghai Dragon God, even 5 months ago, I still don’t know what is what Shanghai dragon, a chance, let me come into contact with the Shanghai dragon, a psychological counseling company gave me a chance to try, let me take three months a new web site set up, and the keywords on the front page, but finally in four months. I know the keyword index of 200 for Shanghai Dragon God for industry so people can be an easy job to do, to make a detour.

in mid August 2014, the company will select a good domain, needless to say, is a little optimization consciousness are not in the domain name, then I took the actual password ZAC started the first keyword research in life. Finally, just love Shanghai index, hehe. After I began to study keywords completed, build websites, to tell the truth, as a novice, I study for a week before the site template selected, after that of the site layout, keyword layout, as well as the title of the set, the title set is the most important, want to have everyone knows the Title set way it is to seize the title and keywords difference accuracy. To this end, the first phase of the work.

at the beginning of the September, site after the basic shape, I will submit the URL of the website, to the entrance of the major search engines at this time, the information I got is the chain for the emperor, content is king, so I asked the company to edit the article even is not the original, but also to the high quality pseudo original, explore the industry long tail keywords, but was not too concerned about the long tail keywords, now it seems that it is very important to the long tail keywords. Well, to the point, the chain! Is really a sad topic, you can see my data, about three months, I sent tens of thousands of the chain, all is done by myself, I am looking for a period of nearly 20 can be sent abroad the chain platform, whether it is nofollow or not nofollow, I as long as is found in the other sites have a chain of the platform, then I will go back, of course, are also the most relevant industry. It took me nearly a month and a half.

This figure is about


to the middle of October or so, do not know what reason, I noticed that some sites do not have much outside the chain, still ranked.

started now, when I started this website, there is no basis, no resources, pure novice. All Shanghai dragon knowledge is obtained from the network. Nonsense not say, the first.

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