Shanghai dragon do Sitemap map to note

?I personally think that the Sitemap

5 new sites, does not recommend the use of cycle is longer than daily, so as to avoid the problems. All of the pages.

2, if your website is not static, not entirely pure pseudo static and dynamic website, then sitemap map URL parameters do not appear, such as mark, sign these special symbols, that is to say these special symbols with no parameters. We can solve the parameter symbols through the conversion form, because the question mark and sign character is the need for the corresponding code.

3, recommend some important URL. As far as possible on the top, such as column page URL, channel page URL, page URL, of course, what kind of URL page, is decided by the website itself, I here are just a few examples, why should the important URL on the top? As we all know, the spider is from left to right, top to crawl under the law, for example, before a peer to a deleted channel submitted to the site map, but also on the front page, results all of this deletion column are grasping, while the other is not delete column is not many but because of "grasping.

with the search engine technology continues to improve, more and more depth crawl web content, to promote the CMS system and the structure of the site more accord with search engine requirements, in short for search engines crawl the content more easily, under normal circumstances is not submitted to a search engine site map, also can get good included, so the Sitemap map is to search engines crawl and help

map to help search engines crawl the content is still very large, especially on the new station and help capture content, it is worth noting here a little, because the site size, structure and type are not the same, so when we make the Sitemap map will be different, such as the information website, because the content is huge, it is recommended to do TXT format maps may be better. The points to note are as follows:

4, if your site for some reason, some of the station after making the map and has been submitted to the search engine page to delete, but sitamap maps in the URL and not with the website synchronization and delete, then there will be 404 pages, so in delete the web page at the same time, must be synchronized to delete the sitamap map in URL.

1, under normal circumstances, we in the production of sitemap, suggest that you use the XML format, we do not recommend using HTML and TXT format, if your site is the electricity supplier or the information website, a very large amount of information, and the structure is complex, the page is also very much, this time you can consider using TXT format. Because the txt model can not set the update frequency and weight it is not recommended to use this mode.

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