The application in the enterprise and chain wheel learning with pictures of the group of standing

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can see this is a simple jewelry blog, site optimization is almost done, outside the station of the link is not to do too much, as long as the stable, quantity, extensive degree can be very workable. And because the website keyword bearing Limited, page is not much, so we can use the simple round chain strategy, such as:

if the individual to take out the two class website, will find that in fact practice and independent blog and enterprise website practices are the same, only just expand the scope of the whole link. But there is no similar sites between the chain wheel, in order to avoid risks between stations. If the site more words suggest that divided into three groups, the central idea is the same.

we put the site number, we registered Sina blog B1, NetEase B2, blog for B3, a Shanghai love collection classification directory for B4; suggestions when doing the construction of the external links to each registered account record, slowly accumulated resources, and account backup to the website.

OK! Then began formal construction round chain: blog, we can use the module to increase links to A1, the article published form A1 and website column page or the article page links. This collection of all of the important page down. Next we do according to their own records, an external links cycle from top to bottom: B1 B2, B2 B3, link link B3 link B4, B4 chain back to B1. It forms a cycle of ascension weight.


, a small blog or website

understand that small blog and website do external resources round chain method, then the station group also is very easy to understand. According to our records to block home: for example, we have 5 sites (simplified as 5), a website based website, the other 4 to two sites (a website target keywords two website long tail keywords). The link to the form as shown in figure

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system Linkwheel (chain wheel) has been used in the stations and station construction of the external links, this strategy will link the overall external links to the right, and do a good external link planning. Especially the new station when there is no external links too many resources, the site itself and no weight, unable to obtain similar website support, if the use of external links for the whole chain wheel will be right, then it would be easy to survive early. Due to the mixed chain operation is too complicated, today we have small sites and stations for a detailed explanation of how to do the chain wheel.


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