The correct method to enhance the flow of the long tail keywords

love Shanghai is the most authoritative screening methods, including the Shanghai index and love love Shanghai encyclopedia which brings together a long tail a lot of words, the author detailed explanation:

short, extraction method of long tail words very much, in daily life, the network in any words.

2, the Shanghai Encyclopedia

here may have to ask someone, love the Shanghai encyclopedia can also choose the long tail keywords? How should I do? As a webmaster must understand that love Shanghai Wikipedia is now on the Internet the most authoritative database related knowledge which are obtained in favor of the love of Shanghai. From the long tail keywords love Shanghai encyclopedia above title is also extending from the users often search words. Only need a certain processing, you can experience a good word.

also believe that some Shanghai dragon Er has noticed, using love Shanghai search engine users usually have a habit, is with doubt tone to search related things, as a qualified ER in Shanghai Longfeng do the long tail word is best as far as possible the use of interrogative sentences. This optimization can meet user tastes.

and the combination of words into a combination of long tail words, this is the most basic method of enterprise products, this kind of words not only includes the industry attributes, and the conversion rate brings to the enterprise is very high, when users search for this kind of words, have fixed this small range of industries. Of course, in doing this kind of words should also remember to use the love Shanghai index, otherwise there is no human search, even more is useless.

love Shanghai index of words every day search volume heat, there are detailed instructions, usually love Shanghai for the index of 50-100 words can be used as the long tail keywords, competition index is too high too difficult, too low index search volume is too small is not necessary. So the moderate index is the best goal we choose. I believe that Shanghai dragon Er all know.


is an extension of the long tail keywords and target keywords, keywords and even number can be used to describe many, it is not a long tail keywords should be optimized to detail, to increase the weight? This is not correct, the same need of optimization of long tail keywords, or a person’s energy is limited, can not take care of to every word. Here again, the emergence of new problems, how to choose the long tail keywords

index of love two, extracted from the product ?

1, Shanghai

believe that the long tail keywords webmaster to understand what they mean, the total flow of a web site at least 80% from the long tail keywords, so increase the optimization of long tail keywords, increase website traffic, increase customer conversion rate is one of the Shanghai dragon Er is really doing. The target keywords and long tail keywords biggest difference: one is to build the brand, a brand which is extended from the build out flow.

, a Shanghai extraction from love in

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