The Forum on the chain blog website ranking is also useful


, is currently the Web2.0 era, more emphasis on the construction of the content system of user centered, more emphasis on the user in the page.

therefore, the vast majority of forums and blogs in recent years also continue to strengthen the fight against the chain AD efforts. After falling Forum blog, May 2012 Shanghai introduced the "anti spam Web2.0 love with Raiders", further requirements of many Web2.0 platform "about their doors, manage their people, refused to take the initiative to various content nonsense interspersed keywords" Shanghai dragon spam flood, the result is the major Forum blog AD advertising efforts more and more, the forum outside the chain of more restrictions — resulting in a "Forum blog chain has become more and more difficult, and this is the main reason for the" Forum blog links are available today do question the.

Forum blog the chain still use it


as everyone knows, the chain blog forum is the main way to the construction site outside the chain with a lack of resources outside the chain, but many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER now for no Forum blog the chain effect heart bottom, constantly asking around said: "the Forum blog links are available today?"

such doubts not Weakness lends wings to rumours. "search engine optimization, love Shanghai guide 2" constantly stressed: "(a large number of owners) by BSP, BBS and Web2.0 content of mass, content is meaningless with keywords" — although more webmaster do website promotion purpose (including Shanghai dragon), and not Shanghai love said "to lure users to download trojan", "released (fake) well-known company’s customer service phone defraud"; but the exponentially "chain" behavior also magnifies the search engine keyword index ranking depend on the chain of "defects", also attracted the attention of the major search engines a few years ago, so the search engine began to reduce the various forums, the anchor text chain signature and BSP blog – NOFOLLOW label Google advocate This is a typical performance of BSP and BBS to suppress the chain.

but, due to the vast majority of all kinds of "Forum blog content is meaningless with keywords" and "pseudo original copy acquisition and advertising information filled, which not only makes the search engine antipathy, and for BSP and BBS website itself for long-term development is also very unfavorable, it is definitely not BSP, BBS operators are willing to see the results.

though, but I think the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER who is still too anxious, indeed, the search engine BSP, BBS reduced the weight of the chain, but the search engine to fight only "content is meaningless with keywords" outside the chain, and not to direct against BSP, BBS content – especially can bring some original content to meet the readers.

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