Effective optimization settings page links


three, the precise layout of a web site under the angle of export link

two, a reasonable set of page links exist

you do not know whether the webmaster understand the site of love Shanghai spiders crawl, crawl through the log analysis I conclude that love Shanghai grab a spider web pattern is always after the first, the right to left. So we can see the love of spiders in Shanghai first web page than after ripping or finally did not crawl the page is 10 times stronger, then we should be an important web page layout on the left, the net station overall weight this is a reasonable layout of the page for links.

here to make an analogy, if the upper left corner of the link is * * * * link, and this link has been retained unchanged for a long time, so I think this website weight links to your site in the proportion is very high, on the contrary, if your web page links often change love, especially Shanghai spiders easily grab place often changes, I think Shanghai may determine the spider your site is not stable, so as a webmaster should learn to use bread crumbs set Web page links are time, I recommend that a link in the home, there is the best time in 3 months and this helps to optimize the basic link.

, a reasonable layout of the page link position

on the surface meaning of the bread crumbs can be seen as a small division accounted for the specific position of the bread, and the use of the site we can put the bread crumbs as page layout pattern of web page weight proportion of the site as a whole, but we want to do is to arrange the weight distribution, so that the entire website showing the healthy development of the situation.

four, set up effective domain name in home

web page link layout has been one of the owners are more concerned about the topic, how to do a good job of web page layout is a more troubling thing for many webmaster, web page links layout involves every aspect of the site, and the author of many websites to carry on the analysis, found that most famous website uses page link optimization form is the bread crumbs form, then what is the breadcrumb layout pattern of

is that we call the website home page, we.

? The domain name

website under the angle of generally outbound links, and this is the webmaster often called Links, Links all know that the site can promote exchanges between, can also cause the search engine spiders climb, and our website links derived layout must be precise, like bread crumbs once after bread with no change, Links once after the layout is not easily delete or change, and you exchange links Links website is not too much, I Links exchange, like a link to no more than 10 of the site is the object of my consideration, more than 10. I will take to ignore.

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