Creativity is the soul of the Dragon label optimization in Shanghai

today I take heart printing 贵族宝贝 as an example, the author introduced the Shanghai Long Fengzhong label optimization experience, as well as the matters need to pay attention to the optimization of the label.

2, keyword optimization

Title Optimization mainly includes the following aspects: Title keywords, keyword contains number, keyword density, keyword hyphen and the title character, this is the most limited theoretical knowledge of Shanghai dragon ER and online are included, in addition, the title of the readability and is attractive for us to consider.

It is important to note that


title in the search engine algorithm and give the attention it is priority among priorities, whether in the past or now, the title is more dependent on search engine, so how do the title is the fundamental Optimization Website optimization.

META Tag Optimization

a good title to let the user know at a glance what is the web site, the site has what advantage, the name of the web site is what, so an unwritten title writing is usually the keyword 1_ 2_ keyword keyword 3- site name.


Optimization of the

is the key between the hyphen is "_" underlined, rather than "-", this is the author observed, everyone in the search key, if the page contains "-" love, Shanghai will be a key symbol, diluting the keyword density, you can own try to search. For example:

meta (title), including the title tag description (description), keywords (keyword), the three form we usually say there is a meta label, H label.

1, the Title Optimization of

keyword is actually fill in the title keyword, before the search engine is not perfect, we rely on the accumulation of large amounts of keywords can get good rankings. With the search engine.

first we need to understand, what is Shanghai dragon optimization label? The author’s point of view, Shanghai Long Fengzhong optimization label is nothing more than the META tag and label polymerization.

in Shanghai dragon, you have to do is to optimize the label, but also like to do. Online on the Shanghai dragon label optimization articles and theoretical knowledge very much, but according to the practice of optimization of the label, the content of a lot of too much emphasis on the theory, the lack of some personal ideas and thoughts, to better adapt to the development of Shanghai dragon to search engine, and the ever-changing user experience. Greatly affected the website optimization effect.

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