Event analysis right down Ruili algorithm CN domain name


love Shanghai the degree of volatility, will affect a large number of webmaster webmaster circle, Jun Yang Shanghai Longfeng here suggest you be right down the use of white hat optimization technique, the webmaster have CN domain name website owners, relax, do what I do to love, this time certainly there will be a large number of experts and from the content, the chain structure, even the server started to write soft hang your chain. But writing is all useless, is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, urine point. You can when these types of papers does not exist on the line.

previous love Shanghai algorithm


the first day after the new year’s Day Jun Yang Shanghai Longfeng work, just open the QQ, found several QQ group in the discussion of the love of Shanghai Ruili algorithm launched during the new year’s day, according to the content of your chat, the love of Shanghai large area of collective right down, causes approximately 5% sites ranked lower, included reduce the CN domain name is our domestic domain, many enterprises are in use, in addition to the most famous brand enterprise website. Search a few CN domain even search brand keywords, the first page is not found traces of the site. Launch several algorithm such abnormal events Oolong love Shanghai have occurred. The CN domain name range right down or cause the Ruili algorithm to adjust the incident.

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first love Shanghai Shanghai dragon has a word, content is king, the chain for the emperor, Shanghai launched the green love algorithm in February 2013. The move against the Links trading market, and launched the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools, let the webmaster check outside the chain, avoid the waste of the chain. Purify the network rubbish information, the chain group due to some extent in May, Shanghai launched the love pomegranate algorithm, mainly against spam and malicious popups, July, Scindapsus algorithm launched 2 more stringent, well-known portal site on behalf of the soft blow. These algorithms are cut from the chain, perhaps the Ruili algorithm is mainly for web content planning. What is not, the specific details in the official announcement of the quasi love Shanghai.

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