Chang day secret love Shanghai home fans do keyword ranking

directory webmaster Chen Maomao said, the key catalogue website ranking in the chain to be strong. Every day the hair of the chain, very hard, is a liqihuo, personal webmaster do not have strong capital, only the hard artificial hair of the chain. With a strong chain beyond the competitors, and in the industry website in a square in Shanghai, display love home.

chain for the emperor, supplemented by

directory is artificial collection of web resources, and these have a certain value of the site resources through manual editing and organizing, storing the corresponding directory, web site directory to form the system. Shanghai attaches importance to love hao123, Google ODP, as YAHOO to pay more attention to their YAHOO catalog directory has the characteristics of unidirectional and high quality of the Chinese, there are one hundred thousand navigation website is our inexhaustible resources.

"content is king" this classic saying, I believe that many owners have deep experience and resonate, as a criterion to do stand. Maybe some of the old owners, see this old saying again, for a contemptuous disregard, the earth people know, would you please move eyes to repose ha! This sharing is the sincere exchange and novice webmaster and hope to provide some modest help for novice.

Links to enhance the website weight, keywords ranking is an important factor for Links to note.

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content is king, the original

easier said than done. To update the content every day and keep the original articles that need very strong execution, Zac daily post, Lu Songsong’s 2 day one, the importance of Yue Hao the 1 Monday papers to write original articles and so on the essence of the original high quality articles. If you have a strong executive power, you can also do the same as the directory

and today I want to secret is personal webmaster how to directory sites keywords ranking Shanghai love home. Every webmaster want to pour to love Shanghai home page keyword ranking, then the ranking of the first page is what methods and skills? Please see my patience slowly step by step to the fans to unlock.

content to the original article, and to update the content every day, regular more content. The original article can quickly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking; every day regular updates and more content can let the spider every day to climb, the original spider crawling time is longer, so as to enhance the rapid grab article, love Shanghai overnight more new snapshot.

pay more attention to web site navigation, recently had the chance to know a good push in the 28 directory webmaster do directory sites Chen Maomao, in QQ AC found how he is in just a month, the relevant keywords ranking do love Shanghai home. Very happy and learn about his communication is website promotion, write this for everyone to share, learn together.



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