Case analysis of optimization effect of the chain of micro blog

The first micro-blog

second to provide information to potential users need website information content, which is in the micro-blog search function, search through the relevant keywords in micro-blog, and the information to the private letter sent to each other, or to demand information review in the information exchange process, also played nature of the implantation effect of the chain.

love Shanghai page value mainly includes six aspects: one is the elements of web browsing; the second is the residence time of the user; the third is the number of pages to be shared; the fourth is the number of pages is the top of the page; the fifth content richness; six is the interaction of comments. The combination of these two elements will be able to find a micro-blog chain effect and value. We can also give the optimization workers play the micro-blog chain provides direction. So we can from the following three points to enhance the value of the chain of micro-blog.

third should adhere to and their fans interact, micro-blog account must have a certain amount of fans, these fans will be on your micro-blog content attention, through interaction can effectively and establish a relationship of trust and loyalty fans good, in this relationship will bring to the site more comments and share. In these interactions Web site also is the chain often have high value optimization.

operation should adhere to the development of a relatively large scale of fixed group, and the website information service, through continuous promotion of website information while leaving the corresponding URL, the URL is actually outside the chain, we can obtain a lot of non search engine PV, the PV value for the majority of users is natural you create it, apparently able to comply with the above six basic elements.

has the ability to read the love of Shanghai is for the micro-blog web site, then micro-blog’s website is not a chain, will become the optimization staff xiangbobo? The author conducted a series of verification, in order to get some of the data can be confirmed.

?In fact, micro-blog The algorithm for the calculation of

first love Shanghai for some micro-blog content included, but love Shanghai included micro-blog is the condition, according to the analysis with the two conditions, one is the recent hot micro-blog tuba, a Tencent of the micro-blog home page, if you are lucky enough to have with any kind of micro-blog of the two conditions, you will be a good outside the chain, the chain effect in the end how

business and website operation have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, is the so-called order in the world, and the world is a concept, micro-blog is relative to the home, and the website is relative to the world. If extending down from the concept, then the chain of micro-blog apparently has the same effect and site outside the chain, of course, if the site operation is not good, the outer chain is only the garbage outside the chain, if micro-blog operation is not good, so the chain will naturally become garbage. We first look at the search engine for the calculation of the value of the page.

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