The website promotion experience how to change the effect of the chain

is the number of sticking to the chain, or the chain in quality. Two simple points are two different ideas. Hard to force the chain extension, the ninety-nine percent should have the aversion antipathy. But from a practical perspective, is a kind of silent self stand. In this mode of thinking is very boring. That is, the chain extension, whether can effectively change the mode of thinking? The correct understanding of the role of the chain, find some knowledge from it? For example, consider how to improve the effect of the chain. The number of the chain decreased, but the chain has brought to the site effect is increasing constantly. Presumably, the chain effect that sense of power should be stronger.

The current status of the

2, not a single product promotion, reflect the needs of users. Now the Internet database, which put the amount of data is huge. But the quality is not poor, quality content, high probability of obtaining a database call. What is relatively useless, just a single chain, began to be clean, effective purification. Therefore, for this situation, the chain content requires a reasonable adjustment. For example, in the above products, can be introduced, and the following is the user’s view, give you the right to speak. This form of interaction, greatly can improve user activity, and will be the search engine spiders included, improve weight of its single chain.

1, improve the innovation chain, search rules. Since it is in the chain, we hope to get the search included. So, can not do a single title party. Spend some time, the title and content reasonably and effectively improve the chain. For example, the title is no longer a single product, instead of using the compound. In this way, can increase the probability of being retrieved.

chain, is not optimistic. Restrained by certain conditional on, improve the corresponding difficulty. From this reason, associated with today’s search market environment, such as the war between the search giant, further improve its share, get user support, the quality of algorithm database, make a corresponding adjustment. According to this phenomenon, change the thinking, the chain is as follows:

3, the pursuit of single chain, pay attention to the effect of the chain. The chain is no longer needed to pursue a single number, more attention is paid to the effect of. For example, released one hundred chain, but it is empty. In this way, not only a waste of time. It is also very easy to make the chain. So, better to take some time, to do a chain. The effect of the later period, should be good.

The number of

summary: network promotion now is widely industry application. But out of the results, but the level of the. Take the chain, some are also able to profit from. On the contrary, is just a waste of time. So, for the chain of thinking, there is an urgent need to convert! (source: 贵族宝贝>

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