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correlation and user needs conflict how to do

with love Shanghai algorithm innovation, more and more friends will think that website optimization is an important prerequisite for a correlation between the correlation from the site outside the chain related to content, everything should take this as a guide, seems to leave a relationship, would love to punish Shanghai into the program at any time, website the ranking will become unpredictable, so the principle of correlation website optimization is in fact not necessarily follow? The author thinks that still need to be discussed in this regard.

so the direct correlation in the website optimization, and often can not eat, but also need to be involved in the indirect correlation, even around the industry, or take the rubber products as an example, in fact, rubber products can be further derived to the rubber products industry, such as the electronics industry, communications industry, transportation industry and so on, will use rubber products to all these devices, can be said to cover many industries, so the rubber products on the website can link to this industry to go around or derivative. This through the divergence of the industry application thinking can enrich the content of the website, make the Internet more website to recommend your site.

first of all we have to analyze what is the relevance of the website, according to the literal meaning, for example, is is a kind of clothing site, so clothing materials, clothing and fashion women’s website is has certain correlation. It can be said that there is a direct correlation between the correlation and indirectly related to the two attributes and website content, but many of our webmaster in understanding the relevance most in direct correlation.

now do website optimization basically to the relevance of the website as a direct correlation, you run a sales of plastic products website, must with rubber materials, rubber processing sites such as chain, website content must be related to rubber or rubber theme, industry news. But when many optimization personnel in this way to optimize the site, but found that the enterprise website optimization too easy, because there is no what content, nor what the website to let yourself overcome, of course it could not raise the relative ranking.

can’t simply use direct correlation to understand the relationship between

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now many webmaster optimization were also engaged in the surrounding derivative correlation optimization strategy, may cause the user of the program, but if these products are simple and direct correlation optimization, then use.

the principle of the optimal relevance, but not consciously into the misunderstanding and the demand of the user resistance, because some relevant content and not consistent and user needs. Especially for the enterprise website, enterprise website sales of products are often fixed, of course, can also be diversified in the process of development, but relative to the information website, the user to enter the enterprise website, or more relevant and related products.

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