Xu Jin summary will be several search engine punishment

1, station links, to avoid too many dead links. Also a lot of people love in the weight of high in the emergence of a large number of keywords. Only the teacher’s word around a good can be done in accordance with this principle. In addition to the Links, why put it in the station. Often the webmaster do Links will attach great importance to the site, and included the snapshot weight. To meet the requirements of all exchange links. But after a time of sharpening, object and not all exchange links are developed along with you, there is little part of the site will be right down even by plucking. My blog recently had this experience, three friends of the chain is now cause trichotillomania is right down. So when the owners in Shanghai for the purpose of exchanging links to Phoenix, to Links own often check.

, a title

two, Meta and Descriptions

2, outside the chain, avoid the use of tools or software mass class

Three, the content of the website link


if the person is new, so that a search engine is also true. If there is a large number of online websites have some information, even if the weight of the good website will soon be included, after a little time included will slowly be K off. Is not to say that can not be collected, we can change the title and content. But with the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, the word may not shun way site subject to heavy penalties, direct pull hair. So this need to be cautious.

Meta and Descriptions information is two information points initial understanding of web spider crawling. Previously also wrote a story about a lot of sites Meta and Descriptions why not write. Two labels in the search engine optimization effect, basically be the mainstream search engine algorithm is reduced to 0 or lower. Optimization method of accumulation of keywords blindly, will only play a negative reaction to search engine optimization. Over on the optimization, the light is right down, heavy hair.

novice error: exposing the Shanghai dragon chain tool’s true colors. "

a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng too act with undue haste, some accidents will inevitably occur. Shanghai Longfeng mostly rely on search engines to get traffic, and rely more on China is love in Shanghai. Often there will be punished by search engine, in order to enable more people to avoid detours, here is a list of points to avoid search engine punishment case.

most of the time Shanghai dragon ER in order to optimize a large number of keywords the accumulation in the title, more than allowed by the words of the title. 3-4 keywords can, can certainly use the segmentation principle to do the title, such as "the title of Anhui Hefei Shanghai dragon _ _ e-commerce network marketing" by segmentation principle, there will be a lot of keywords. The weight is not high in the case do not often modify title.

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