The importance of the work of Shanghai Longfeng Engineer

page code is following the W3C standard is one of the reference search engine ranking factors, may appear in general now need to consider issues related to the common market CMS are done in accordance with W3C standard, in fact, does not conform to the optimal representation. In the common DEDE as an example, the default template had many JS calls, the page still have the style attribute (does not conform to the structure and performance of the separation W3C thought) etc.. Although excessive consideration of these issues was a bit over the carp, the influence of the rankings is almost zero. But a good front-end Engineer in layout design when you take into account the relevant problems, realize the optimization of the page code, JS code to improve the efficiency, reduce the Cookies call with JS instead of iframe. A small stream to into a river, these seemingly small problem, but perhaps you ranked in front of you site is so poor.

in Shanghai Longfeng industry, the Internet has an argument, called the Shanghai dragon of low technology, low threshold, Shanghai dragon ER triggered public accusation, this view is one-sided, but had to deny that a considerable part of Shanghai dragon ER lack the most basic knowledge of programming, resulting in daily work efficiency is very low, sometimes because of do not understand the technology make some funny jokes. In fact, as a Shanghai dragon ER, do not understand the programming is not terrible, terrible is the lack of personnel and Technology (including but not limited to the front-end engineers, back-end developers and server maintenance personnel) the ability to communicate. Today, from the front end engineer said, talk about the importance in Shanghai Longfeng work front-end development personnel, technical personnel and look at reasonable communication to enhance the effectiveness of Shanghai dragon.

with second bit similar, mainly >

1. good user experience

We know that the

3. upgrade site access rate of

2. site code orderly and efficient

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as a receptionist, to ensure a good user experience is the. A good front-end engineer through reasonable layout, clean and beautiful, clear color, can easily guide users to find the key part of the page, to complete the site to browse, the demand for information search in a very comfortable browsing experience. No doubt, to improve the site conversion rate, reduce the site bounce rate is very important. On the contrary, now the Internet with Taobao guest single page site, the page looks beautifully produced, but the user experience is poor, in most cases, users are not required content and delayed links, the conversion rate of the low as can be imagined. 2010 is the apotheosis of the single page mode is actually profitable in the low conversion rate under unbelievable, it is doomed to this pattern will not be long. In fact, recently in some forums often hear people complain about, with a single page website home rate is very low, this pattern has basically come to an end.

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