How to do the chain between the personal blog articles and articles

keyword rankingIf the do recommend related articlesIn addition to the chain do?


about the chain optimization two problems all the more common:

because the number of blog articles, articles and articles for there is no way to connect very well, the website hits are scanty, so early for a blog within the chain can not do, in fact, is not good to do, to the late gradually increased, we found that many articles appeared in some words or sentence, need guidance and interpretation, in order to better understand the user.

1, an article in the chain of

In the chain of

blog article, also need to do some relevant article recommended reading, because users generally play reading articles, will see what good article can learn, so in the end to provide these articles is a good method, the article provides some good or with relatively high correlation the. You can install the wordpress blog article nothing, this tool for browsing is very good, as shown in figure


personal blog Shanghai dragon relates to technology of knowledge sharing, we find its page browsing time than the general network station, jump out rate is compared to other type of website is much lower, if we can do well in the chain set in the article, then I believe that the blog will do in this area is more outstanding. Within the chain on the personal blog recently has been in the study, the last wrote an article in the article about the chain "from Lou song song blog learning website chain optimization", this essay is not very detailed, only some of the chain of ideas and opinions, today a personal blog in the chain a more detailed explanation:

two, not for the purpose of the

pure and as a keyword ranking, personally think that is not good, but in the form of the chain for the background directly set all the meaningless, because they are set in order to rank.

display pictures, can let the user experience to the next level of


, a pre temporarily set inside chain

website simply for the search engine, in order to rank, then will make site optimization excessive, and even the emergence of the phenomenon of cheating. Within the chain set the same, a large number of blog in the chain are ranked in order to set this practice, personally think it is quite reasonable, may not have a direct impact on ranking, ranking and deliberately in order to do, and even affect the user experience, click on the link back to the home page, there is no meaning to the user it.

personal blog, there are many articles have a lot of words or sentences can guide the user to read, but we can put all the relative plus should link? This is obviously unreasonable, will the user >