How to quickly share the experience of the construction of the chain

four; every day to find 5 high weight forum registration account, forum where to find, love Shanghai local forum plus regional search, set character signature, AD, here AD, is a serious post reply, because the only serious reply to your post, will not lead to be deleted, reply posts when choosing choice, just released, you should pay attention to the top of the post is not advertising, if his posts have been deleted, you reply will be deleted.

seven; love Shanghai know, Search ask the chain of self construction, is the question and answer, recommended here over the weekend to the chain, not too much, the chain will not be deleted if there are conditions, the most important question.

new tools for rapid build-up of the chain is not wise, but also a way of danger. So the construction site the chain chain has the best manual, manual control. Before the construction of the chain, the first to do the planning. As the saying goes, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, good work plan can make double your efficiency. Here I will talk about how I was the construction of the chain.

six; find some well-known personal blog response, leave the chain of your shadow, such as "Shanghai dragon blog", many of which are super support chain, so the chain is not easy to be removed, the effect is very good also, what is your website content, you can search what blog. The correlation of the chain is very important

; quantitative spend time every day to write a original experience, to a platform like A5 release may be released, not easy to be approved, then we will fight in other places, the forum, and remember to find your website content relevance strong, and is the second release of the forum, so that we can increase an original chain. Hard writing not wasted.

two; find a high weight link station every day, may not find, then we may have to spend money to buy, the owners will say no money, we do stand is in fact input from the beginning, just how much of the problem, we may only need 2 or 3 months, we stand a little weight, then we can go directly to exchange links, buy links gradually down.

five; find a good super chain tools, with your domain name query, the purpose is in the Shanghai dragon query website database to leave the chain of the shadow, as long as you love Shanghai will appear outside the chain query query shadow, so the chain is high weight, the quality of the chain is high. But the choice of super chain tools, see the query is valid here recommend Tuiyou query tool, basically are effective query.

three; the third party blog to do outside the chain, the chain blog building a commonplace talk of an old scholar but few people would go on. The construction method of the chain blog: to establish a 5-10 domestic mainstream blog, not too much. You don’t have time management, daily published some articles, a and B between the sprocket blog blog, B blog and blog C C D blog and blog sprocket, sprocket and so on.