How to choose the target web site keywords

from the above tools you can understand the words you choose in the end how many people in the search, the degree of competition in

when choosing target keywords and target keywords to be able to accurately reflect the main content of your site.

can use the tools you need to select the following keywords and target keywords

3. target words in general on the site’s home page title.

2. target keywords that we want users to search keywords that what word into our website,

3. love Shanghai promotion background keywords tool (tuiguang.baidu贵族宝贝.) 360, sougou promotion background tool.

select the target keywords not too much, because too many keywords, website ranking is hard to do. It’s like you have 10 dollars, you average to 10 people, get 1 dollars so everyone. If you have 10 dollars, you send it to 2 people, then everyone will get 5 dollars. You 10 dollars as a search engine is assigned to your weight, your each person finally get the money as the final weight of each keyword. For >

6. target keywords if there is more than one, then these words must be relevant, must be complementary role.

2. love Shanghai index 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/

1. Google keyword tool https://adwords. noble baby贵族宝贝/select/KeywordToolExternal


5. target words in general 1 to 3.

what is the target keywords

target keywords far more than a few, so how do we choose target keywords

4. target keywords bring traffic to the site are generally large.

when choosing target keywords, does not necessarily have to choose keywords traffic is very large, because the love of Shanghai index of high word, competition is relatively intense. The fierce competition in Shanghai dragon, it is difficult to optimize the home page. Have a reason, love Shanghai high index of the word, the conversion rate is not high, even if you had a tremendous effort to do this keywords into your home, you finally found the website is a lot of people, can be transformed is very low.

1. target words that we often say that the website main keywords

example: the title of your website is Shanghai dragon. Website optimization, then your website content should be around the site optimization and construction content.


target keywords how to choose? This is a question worth considering. Because of the keyword choose wrong, work hard in vain. The same selection of keywords will be less.

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